Horrible Sculptures First Edition Shark Figure Preorder

Horrible Sculptures First Edition Shark Figure Preorder

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This preorder saves your place in line for the limited first run of Shark, the first figure in my new Horrible Sculptures figure line.

These will be hand-numbered according to your place in the order queue.

Size, price, release date, material, coloring, and pretty much everything else to be determined.

Your dollar is non-refundable because it will be a total nightmare refunding a bunch of dollars if people change their minds, spend all of their money on Blink-182 merch, or die and send their lawyers to collect outstanding payments while I'm making these. So the dollar is the price of your place in line.

Follow me on Instagram at @Jack_Dire for updates as these are made. You may want to wait until December 26th to follow me, though. You'll see why when you get there.

Thanks for the money. I can't wait to give you something cool for it.